New Breed Chick Cassie Swings ’em up!

Cassie Swings ’em up!

Chris shot this image of Cassie after swinging this Rainbow up last week.

Chris and Cassie make the trip up I-15 north to the Mighty Mo Trout Spey Mecca often. And we like that.

Both of them fish quite a bit. Actually a lot.

Cassie is certainly a New Breed Chick. We have known these two for some time and always enjoy their visits.

Stop in to the shop during Swing Season to shop for all things TROUT2H. We are focussed on Trout Spey all season long. Along with our fabulous spey staff we have the most trout spey gear in the US of A. Honest.

Call today and get on board with the swing program. Cassie certainly is on board. Thanks Cassie. We will see you and Chris soon!

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  • Always a pleasure to visit the Mo and especially your crew at HH! The Spey clinic we participated in a few years back was so valuable to my learning experience and I can’t thank you enough for that. Cheers and tight lines!

  • Ow, owww!

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