Mike McCune teaches Perry Poke Scumliner Media

Mike McCune teaches Perry Poke

Check out Mike KcCune today teaching the Perry Poke.

Trout Spey Season is underway. Spey trips out this week already.

Hooking up too.

The newest of the ne Trout Spey lines and rods are in stock now! The best from SA, RIO, OPST, and more with new heads and integrated Scandi and Skagit lines ready for you to try and buy!

Come on down to Craig and let us help you into your 2018 Swing Rod and line.

Happy Hump Day. It’s fall. It’s pretty great.

Swingers Unite.

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  • It always saddens me (aggravates me?) how EASY he makes it look! Obviously he needs to work in some more wasted movement.
    And no Kreelex in the knee! What’s up with that?

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