One man's spey rod journey

One man’s spey rod journey

Why should I take up spey “two-handed” fishing you ask? Could it be that new learning is good? Could it be that it looks like fun? Could it be that after watching people make that beautiful cast I just thought that I had to give that a try? Yes to all of the above. This is my short journey into two- handed fishing and why I love it.

I started a few short years ago truly because I wanted to catch a steelhead swinging with a spey rod. After watching all the videos I could stand, I knew it was time to go for it. I was like many beginners overwhelmed with equipment, terminology, and casting.

I have worked for Headhunters for a couple years now. But before I did I had signed up for Headhunters monthly series of free spey clinics. Much of the terminology and equipment was explained during the morning inside presentation. I’m not saying I retained all the info but words like Skagit, Scandi, anchor point, and snap-t became tangible. At the very least after the indoor morning session I would not be totally lost if  I was engaged in a conversation about casting a spey rod.

One man's spey rod journey
Swing Season Montana’s Missouri River @ Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig

Off to the water we went and after a short demonstration from John, I was handed a long trout spey rod.  I stepped into the river and made my very first spey cast. Wow!? After an afternoon of coaching from John, Sara, and Ninch I managed make a few casts that sent the line flying!

Thus begun my journey into the world of two-handed fishing. I did purchase equipment and began to practice on the Missouri as much as possible. My goal was get competent enough to swing for steelhead in the spring. I found I didn’t want to fish any other way during the winter months. Not only was the trout spey rod fun to cast but also an effective way to fish. That was the real surprise that it may be the most efficient winter method on the Mo!

As I look back at getting into the two-handed world it’s comparable to all the different aspects of my fishing life. At the beginning I remember my very own rod with a closed face Zebco reel.  Dad didn’t like untangling our lines. Then came spinning reels, no more Zebco. Life was good until I saw my first fish caught on a fly rod. Now a whole new world of fishing became apparent. Finally receiving a fly fishing outfit for my birthday the spinning reel begun to collect dust. Soon I found out casting was not as easy as it appeared but practicing was an obsession. Since that day I have always enjoyed learning many of different disciplines of fly fishing. Then the world of two-handed fishing touched my world and I liken it to putting down my spin outfit and picking up a fly rod. A whole new world of casting and fishing opened up. I viewed it as a challenge and fun to get right. Once the cast is made many techniques from streamer and still water fishing are effective. Two-handed fishing is a whole new part of fly fishing that makes me feel like a kid  starting out again. By the way I do use my single handed rod during the warm months.

For all of you out there looking for a challenge or new way of fishing give it a go. I caution you attending a two-handed clinic can be detrimental your single handed rod. We at headhunters would be happy to answer questions or help out with equipment selection. We promise not to sell you any equipment you do not want or need.

Oh yea last month I did catch my first steelhead on the swing. It was all that I hoped for.




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