Two Fly Trout Spey Rig

Two Fly Trout Spey Rig

Two Fly Trout Spey Rig

Today we look at one way to rig the Two Fly Trout Spey Rig. I have been rocking this rig tied onto the end of my Sage 3110 Trout Spey rod for the last month and a half.

Pretty much the same rig the entire time. Some variations did fool a few trout but this has been my goto 3 or 4 weight rig. Sometimes I fished the 10′ Intermediate RIO Scandi VersiLeader and others just a 9′ 2X or 3X RIO Trout Powerflex Plus. Or the 7 1/2′ 3X extended with tippet. But I try to keep the knots in this rig to a minimum.

Two Fly Trout Spey Rig

From the leader I tie on a tippet ring. From there 6″-8″ of 3X or 4X to a soft hackle or unweighted bugger or Sparrow, or something light. Again from the tippet ring I tie a longer 2′-3′ of 2X or 3X tippet section to a leech. I have been tossing the leech for months. Every season I become a bigger believer in the leech pattern. And this spey season solidifies that trend.

Hey have any of you tried  the balanced leech patterns? Whoa! I have. I have been tying one to the short section and a second leech onto the longer section. Try that balanced leech as the upper fly. It’s cool!

I have thrown something similar on my Skagit set up as well. Fishing the floating tip in conjunction with a short 4′ static leader of 1X to a tippet ring to 2X length tied into a small bugger or leech and the short side a 3X tippet section with a lager soft hackle, Sparrow, Carey Special, or something you desire including the aforementioned balanced leech. A feller could then change depths with MOW or IMOW tips accordingly.

I truly love the versatility of the trout spey game. With no other fly fishing discipline can you dictate exactly where you want to present the flies. Changing tips and leaders affords you the convenience like no there method.

I use the Two Fly Trout Spey Rig Scandi Style in the diagram most of the time. Scandi lines with flies presented very near the surface. Light, easy to present, and a true blast to execute. And, and the trout like it too!

Come by the shop to have the Headhunters gang show you a plethora of rigs and rigging styles. Headhunters is your trout spey fly shop for all of Montana. We carry the largest selection and the most diverse Trout specific trout spey rods, lines, tips, leaders and accessories in Montana. Call us up and let us know how we can help 7 days a week.

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  • This rig is exactly what I fished last year in the fall with your guide Whitney. She lined up my new 5wt spey rod with a HH demo reel and Airflo scout line w/ iMOW tips. Ended up buying the line and iMOW tips. What a nice way to demo a line before buying!

  • Thanks, Mark! Very timely. Swing on!

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