Missouri River Trout Spey Spring Swing Report

Missouri River Trout Spey Spring Swing Report

In one word. Good.

Some days great. The fish do make the ultimate decision. Fished with Ninch and our Sage rep Thursday and Ninth put on a show. Outfishing Kurt and I by a wide margin. Why? Lots of reasons.

Ninch is a predator on the water. Not much for speaking, just doing. If you allow him he will fish the best water. Productively too. But that is not the only reason that Ninch get ’em.

Ninch is participating in the fishing experiment the entire time. He is not just out there ‘casting’. Nope. He is fishing the fly from the moment it lands until the moment he aerializes the next cast.

Ninch is jigging the fly back to him. Slight tugs and movements of the trout spey fly will get those trout more interested in the fly than the dead swing. Always. Even at the lower water temps we witness in the winter. With water temps at 36F the trout will pursue the fly if it shows some interest in swimming, jerking, twitching…you get the drift.

Participating in the drift is something that not all anglers are good at. So, if you want to catch more, you gotta participate in your fishing experience. This is not nymphing from a boat where the dead drifted nymph wins. Nope. Not at all.

Guided some real nice fellers from Oregon with the two handed trout spey rods on Friday. One fella Jim had not cast a spey rod but ten minutes previously. The other Jake has been fishing a two handed rod for 8 years. Accomplished and comfortable wtht he concept, for sure. They were out taking advantage of the discounted spring rate of $400/day and capitalized on the nice weather and a good swing bite. pike with others as well and the fish were interested int eh swung fly on Friday.

Not that Thursday was poor, but the fish lit it up on Friday. Again, the anger who gives the fly some action wins. Friday the bite was good enough to interest lots of fish on the dead swing.

The most important comment of this blog today is that you gotta participate in your drift, in your swing, in the moment. If you do, you will get rewarded. That includes changing flies when needed. That includes fooling around with tips and getting the fly to the fish. That includes understanding the run you are in and the depth, and the pace of the water, and the location of the fish. The sweet spot. The “A” spot.

Jim and Jake caught some real nice trout. Pretty good action for sure. We fished a number of runs with about 2/3 of them holding biters. A number of Rainbows and a couple Browns. An aggressive eat was common. I would say they landed most of the fish that ate the fly. So, pretty good overall.

Black Buggers, leeches, Olive too. A couple flies with a pink hue got it done as well.

10′ T-8 seemed to be the trick overall. But did employ IMOW tips in the 5’X5′ T-8 tips, MOW tips 2.5’FX7.5’T-8. Got to get the fly to the fish. That is the real trick. And the Skagit system allows you that flexibility that no other does.

Nymphing is good. Try PINK. Did not see any good dry fly action either day but Saturday did show  some good midge action.

Spring Special runs through the end of April with discounted guide trips and discounted lodging in Craig and beyond. Take advantage of the spring air temps, as we have crawled out fo the cellar, and get out fishing. We’d love to help.

Headhunters is your Trout Spey Destination with the best in local instructors, guides, and gear. Give us a call or come by today for all things Spey!
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  • Excellent, informative post as usual. Not to mention timely! Can’t wait to get some swinging action this weekend!

  • Great post Mark, looking forward to participating in the drift this week end!

  • Hi my name is Ross Stokes and I am starting to put together a two handed rod setup. I recently purchased an echo classic 11′ 6wt two handed rod and a Redington Behemoth 7/8 reel. Ideally, I want to swing small to medium size streamers and be able to spey cast with ease. After doing some research, I am leaning towards the skagit style line. However, I am having trouble deciding which grain size of line to optimize my casting. I live in Bozeman and still have yet to find an experience spey fisherman at our local fly shops. Any line suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hey thanks Ross. For best advice either come up and spend the day onto Mo testing and demo’ing couple lines. OR call the shop anytime and ask for Ben or Sara. Thanks!

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