5 Things you don't want to find in your Drift Boat

5 Things you don’t want to find in your Drift Boat

5 Things you don’t want to find in your Drift Boat

A few items you hope you do not find in your drift boat today on the Headhunters Fly Shop Blog.

Spring starts tomorrow. It is happening, it will. I hope. This winter will eventually fade towards the recesses of our minds as the sun bakes the bitter cold from our bones.

Cleaning your drifter in the spring can be a dangerous, ’cause you do not know what you may find. So put on some sort of protective gloves and get into it.

  1. 4 year old Natty Lite’s. 2 of ’em. Don’t drink them. Off to the rubbish bin.
  2. Spools of monofilament, nylon tippet. Get rid of them now. Don’t even consider using them. garbage. Not worth the trout, the flies, the sorrow.
  3. Half bag of Lay’s Potato Chips. Don’t eat them.
  4. Moldy Life Jackets. Headhunters down to the five and dime and get you some new PFD’s!
  5. Dead Whitefish. Quite possibly the worst thing you can find in your drifter this spring. Under the seat preferably. The stink may never come out…

Once saw a deceased Mountain Whitefish skewered on a vehicle antenna at Pelican Point. One end of the antenna was reaching toward the sky from that tiny whitey mouth.  The other end? The ultimate F.U. Don’t know what that feller had done on the river, but I’m guessing it was inappropriate. Bad etiquette gets you a whitefish ornament on your truck.


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