ACR Nova Closeout!

Anderson Custom Rods (ACR) has been slowly replacing their popular Nova series Spey Rods with the new “Nova 2” series. Last spring we received the 3 and 4 weights, but the 2 weight was a while in coming. But it’s on the way, so we’re closing out our last few ACR Nova 10’8” #2 models for $399. As of this morning there are 3 left, and we expect them to go quick.

The ACR has been our most in demand trout Spey rod for the last few years. They have an action and finish that rivals any trout Spey rod on the market, including rods more than twice the price. Because Anderson Custom Rods are a small rod shop, we can’t just get them when we want them. High demand and a slow supply.

This model is arguably the most popular of the 3 in our shop. It is the perfect rod for small streamers and soft hackles. It’s super light and has a sweet action that loves a 180 grain Scandi. While it’s our most popular soft hackle rod for the Missouri, it would also be great for smaller freestones like the Big Hole and Bitteroot using smallish bugger, Clousers and Leeches.

Call the shop if you have any questions at 406-235-3447.

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