Headhunters is the Trout Spey Line HQ

Headhunters is the Trout Spey Line HQ

Headhunters is the Trout Spey Line HQ

We have them all. Almost all of them. We may not have every trout spey line ever made but we have most of the bases covered including well over 100 trout spey demo lines you can try any day!

Here is the current list of what Headhunters in Craig has hanging on the wall. Spey products move in and out of our store as the years pass by but you can be guaranteed we have the latest and most popular gear in stock and at the ready. If it sucks, we won’t sell it!

Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics. Lines, Tips, and Running Line

  • All of the Commando Heads including the Micro Series.
  • Headhunters has the Commando Tips too. The Riffle, Run, and Bucket Series Tips for all of your western river applications.
  • The Lazar Running Line in 25# on up to the 50# diameters.
  • OPST Line Wallet. Gotta have this accessory to carry your OPST Booty!

These extremely popular Ed Ward lines came on the market last year. Headhunters carries the full line and nearly all of the sizes. Get your inner OPST on and try these on your Skagit rod.

Some have been using these Commando heads on their single handed rod. A powerful shooting head to add excitement to your single handed streamer game!

Call us up and one of our Spey Guru’s will set you up. Or come by the shop in Craig Montana and demo any one/several of the OPST Commando Heads. We got ’em all!

RIO. Lines, Tips, Leaders, Tippet

  • Skagit, Scandi, Short Head Traditional Spey, Scandi VeriTips, Trout Spey TroutMax, and Single Handed Spey lines. A wide selection of RIO Spey lines for your casting satisfaction. We have a bundle of them but if for some reason we don’t have it in stock we can give RIO a shout and pop that extra special line in the mail for you pronto.
  • A wide variety of Tips too. MOW Tips along with the intermediate iMOW tips in the light and medium weights. VersiLeaders in several weights and sink rates.
  • Running Lines are arriving at the shop this week. The new Powerflex Max Shooting lines in a few diameters. Not yet tested by the Headhunters Trout Spey staff. But by the time you arrive we will have a handle on the performance level of these coated medium-stiff Powerflex shooting lines.
  • Leaders and tippet. Lots of 12′ Steelhead/Salmon leaders that interface with your Scandi set ups. Abrasion resistant Salmon/Steelhead Tippet spools alone with our large selection of RIO PowerFlex Plus, FlouroFlex Plus, and larger diametered nylon options.

Airflo. Lines, Running Lines, Tips

  • Airflo Skagit Scout Head is the spey line that the entire staff is talking about this year. If 3 years ago the Trout Spey Buzz was about the RIO Skagit TroutMax, last year about the OPST Commando Head, this year it is certainly centered on the Airflo Skagit Scout Head. We also carry the Skagit Switch G2 line, the Skagit Compact G2 line, and the Airflo Rage Compact. Airflo has a following out there. Come in a nd line yourself up with the head of the year. The Airflo Skagit Scout. We have them in stock.
  • Airflo Running lines with the longitudinal grooves sell well. Again, match this with your Scout head. Or match it with a mono type running line. We carry both the 20# and 30# versions for both your light and heavier spey situations.
  • Polyleaders and some aggressive sink tips hanging on the Headhunters Spey wall. The polyleader from Airlfo is a long standing favorite of not only two handers but the single handed gang has been a fan for many years.

We have been an Airflo dealer from day one here in Craig. This UK outfit is here to stay. Stop in and demo the Scout line and see if it works on your rod today.

Scientific Anglers. Spey Lines, Running Lines

  • A spey line that has gotten some traction here on the Mo includes the SA Adapt Switch line. Forget the word “switch” on the box. This is our current favorite “troutscandi” line. We would prefer a shooting head system, but this integrated line out performs every other floating line we’ve tried on our 2-4 weight spey rods. The short 28′ head performs well for scandi style casters with faster, open strokes. When we’re swinging soft-hackles or small weighted streamers on our ultra-light spey rods, this is the line we use. For an integrated line, it is an excellent shooter. SA’s excellent line marking system is also easy for us to read when we switch lines.
  • Scientific Anglers Shooting lines are what the staff has switched over to this year. If they are not using the OPST Lazar line they are all hopped up on this textured shooting line from SA. We love it. Avail in a couple weights like 20# and 25#. Fewer tangles, great shooting, floating. What is not to like!

Royal Wulff. The Ambush Line

  • The Wulff Ambush Fly line is one of the most versatile fly lines made, and is useful as a primary line for both single handed and switch/spey applications. This super overloaded and short front head/quick taper design allows you to do a lot of different things. In Montana, we often use it at the designated line size (6 weight on a 6 weight) with additional MOW or Versi-Tips as a streamer fishing system. If you want to use it as a switch/skagit line, go up 2-3 sizes (8 or 9 on a 6 weight), and add sink tips up to 20 feet. Perfect for chunking lots of lead and indicators. Anyone looking for a short, fat head with a steep front taper will love the Ambush.

Demo lines from all of the manufacturers listed above available at Headhunters here in Craig Montana. TH emost extensive trout spey line demo selection in Montana. Come in and try several out and really dial in that trout spey rod of yours. We have demo rods too. A pile of them. We want you to get the right gear for you. Not what your spey buddy thinks you should have. So try us out when shopping around for anything related to trout spey.

Demo Trout Spey Selction
Headhunters Fly Shop Trout Spey Demo Lines. Over 100 lines to try today!
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