RIO Skagit MOW & iMOW Tips


HEADHUNTERS SAYS: The Rio Skagit iMOW/MOW Tips are the most widely used Skagit tip in the industry. Headhunters carries the full range of both “light” and “medium” iMOW tips. We use the Light tips on our 2-6 weight spey rods,and the medium tips on our 6-8 weight Steelhead rods. We also use “Light” iMOW and MOW tips on single handed rods in 6,7 and 8 weights. They make incredible impromptu sink tips. Bottom line, if you’re swinging for Steelhead or trout, you need some MOW tips in your arsenal.

Light sinking portion is T8, Medium sinking portion is T11

Additional information


Light, Medium


10ft FLOAT, 7.5ft INT – 2.5ft S, 5ft INT – 5ft S, 2.5ft INT – 7.5ft S, 10ft S, 12.5ft S


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