KAST Steelhead Glove New and Improved!

KAST Steelhead Glove New and Improved!

KAST Steelhead Glove New and Improved!

How could our #1 selling fishing glove be improved? We did not design it, we just love it. And, the crew at KAST has improved the now legendary Steelhead Glove.

The only fishable fishing glove used by anglers arose this great land has been improved on many levels.

Traditional waterproof gloves use a membrane that is nothing more than a giant bag, inserted between glove layers. Moisture is trapped inside the glove, creating a cold damp feeling. Your hands are dry, but they are still cold because you literally have a moisture barrier that inhibits breathability, and acts as a cooling layer inside the glove.

KAST Steelhead Gloves are designed to keep your hands bone-dry, give you maximum dexterity, and provide a layer of warmth when fishing in cold environments. Patented OutDry technology makes our gloves 100% waterproof/submersible, windproof, and breathable. Plus the warm fleece lining, and durable stretch shell give you the snug fit and uncompromising feel that you need in the fingertips, and an extended cuff for valuable additional coverage at the wrist. Go ahead, chase chrome in a snow squall, or tail a trophy king in frigid water, you can trust your hands will stay warm and dry.

Easy on and easy off make this glove more usable than many of the options on the market. While we consider the classic wooly fingerless glove the ultimate in fishing gloves, we cannot live without this glove for most/the rest of our day. Rowing, putting the boat in and out, releasing fish, swinging, nymphing, and all around winter hilarity.

This is a glove that the entire staff @ HH cannot live without. Created for 4 season swingers the KAST Steelhead glove tackles our cold and damp winter weather with ease. This updated model raises the bar on fishing gloves that most competitors will never achieve.

Come in and try these babies on. You will not be disappointed. Enjoy winter fishing here on the Missouri River and beyond. Order yourself a set today. They make perfect gifts for those anglers in your family that have everything.


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