Dewey's Trout Spey Rig

Dewey’s Trout Spey Rig

Dewey’s Trout Spey Rig

Ed note: Today on the Headhunters Blog we have Dewey’s Trout Spey Rig.  Dewey loves to swing the fly! He and Shane nymphed quite a few up on Thursday. But the real success was on the swing. Each had approx. 10 on the swing with lots of additional grabs, bites, looks, nudges. They fished slow inside runs that accounted for enough action to keep both of them smiling. They may have added some anti-freeze to the equation. But I don’t honestly know. 

Rod: Echo TR2 4113

Reel: Orvis Battenkill V disc drag reel.

Line: I bounce back in forth between the Airflo Skagit Scout head at 360 grains or OPST Commando head at 325 grains. The extra foot and half the Scout line has over the Commando head comes in handy when anchor pulling is a problem.

Running Line: 40lb. OPST Lazar Line.

Tips: I fish with the iMOW light tips. Intermediate 7.5′ X 2.5′, or 5′ X 5′.  One of these usually gets the fly in the zone.

Tippet: RIO Steelhead 10b tippet material is what I use on the terminal end.

Line/Tips Wallet: The OPST Commando head wallet works for carrying all my lines, tips, and leaders.

Fly Box: Its sad that we have all these wonderful fly boxes in the shop and I generally end up throwing a few flies  into a fly cup.

Lanyard: Fly Vines

Hemo’s: Dr. Slick Mitten Clamps

Nippers: Hatch

Gloves: Kast Steelhead gloves for warmth and waterproofness!

Thermos: Headhunters Thermos Vacuum Bottle 24oz.

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