Saturday Trout Spey Camp Update

Saturday Trout Spey Camp Update

Saturday Trout Spey Camp Update

Halfway through day 3 of our 2019 Trout Spey Camp. Sunny 52F. All is well! 7F Thursday morning. Feels good to have the sun on our backs!

The anglers are out fishing the Mo. Swinging. Fun to see the group learn, progress, chat, smile, and swing.

The final dinner this evening with awards fro the 1st Annual Trout Spey Casting Competition held this morning in Craiglandia.

Winners? Yes, they are all winners. 15 competitors. Yes, lots of kahuna’s to get out there in front of 50+ and toss the Spey Line. But hey did. And we cheered them on!

Winning the Women’s Division was Amory Harris of Bozeman. She wins a pair of Orvis Women’s Pro Waders! Thanks to Orvis for providing this valuable prize!

Winning the Men’s Division was Treg Owings of Moscow ID. He wins a G. Loomis Short Spey IMX Pro Trout Spey Rod! Don Coffey Group provided the rod for the men’s top prize.

The Prettiest Cast, or style points cast, was won by Steve Hahn hailing from the Yukon! Yes, he traveled with his wife 4 days to attend! Super cool. Steve took home a net from Rising sponsored by Dan Short Rep Group.

A smashing success for the #troutspeycamp 2019. A recap later this week on this blog about the entire event and more images from the week! A nap first. Then a report to you folks.

Gotta thank at the industry reps and the Headhunters gang including Whitney Gould and Mike McCune, for putting this together and facilitating a great fall swing weekend in downtown #craiglandia.

And, thanks to Scumliner, John Arnold, for driving this event, being the creative director, mastermind, and primary planner for this big top event at House of Headhunters.

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