Friday Foto #troutspeycamp 2019

Friday Foto #troutspeycamp 2019


Friday Foto #troutspeycamp 2019

Fun times.

Trout Spey Camp 2019.


Fishing not too good. The catching part.

The fishing part real swell.

The swinging is good. Lots of fun trying new rods and lines and such from he product representatives in house for this even from Loomis, Nautilus, Echo, Hatch, SA, RIO, SIMMS, Orvis, Douglas. Thanks to those fellers for showing up in a big way and helping this event sing.

Thanks to the participants numbering over 100 that came from bear and far.

Thanks to you for enjoying your Friday!

Thanks to Mat and Jeff from the westside for fishing with Squeeky on Friday. Fun times for sure.


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