I don’t like Fly Fishing, I love it!

I don’t like Fly Fishing, I love it!

This 10 cc tune, Dreadlock Holiday, has been covered a thousand times. And why not.

Today here on the river it is cold. Again. Winter has returned. Which we feel is good. Currently 8F. And some snow yesterday turned the landscape into a white wintery escape.

So without much going on as far as anglers in the shop we turn to Dreadlock Holiday. John and I discussing fly shop philosophy along with our fantastic Headhunters Players.

The phones are ringing with bookings for the upcoming season. Not too much guiding this week though. The drifters are frozen to the trailer.

Enjoy Dreadlock Holiday with this sketchy not so Hi-Fidelity video of 10cc. Followed by the live version from a recent concert. And then the covers from many if you search around on the YouTube Planet.

This catchy jingle will stay with you for a while. I use it to warm my soul.

I don’ like fly fishing, I love it!


10cc, 1978, I don't like Fly Fishing, I love it!
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  • do you not like fly fishing? I believe we all love it “oh” we all love it “oh ya” we all love it, that fly fishing “oh how we love it”

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