Wulff Ambush Fly Line


HEADHUNTERS SAYS: The Wulff Ambush Fly line is one of the most versatile fly lines made, and is useful as a primary line for both single handed and switch/spey applications. What would we use it for? Things like Steelhead fishing with our switch and shorter spey rods, backcountry fishing in the Everglades, baby Tarpon, Pike and Bass fishing, streamer fishing with additional sink tips, while teaching beginners… you get the idea. This super overloaded and short front head/quick taper design allows you to do a lot of different things. In Montana, we often use it at the designated line size (6 weight on a 6 weight) with additional MOW or Versi-Tips as a streamer fishing system. If you want to use it as a switch/skagit line, go up 2-3 sizes (8 or 9 on a 6 weight), and add sink tips up to 20 feet. Take off the tip and you have an overloaded switch rod line for overhearing. Perfect for chunking lots of lead and indicators. Anyone looking for a short, fat head with a steep front taper will love the Ambush.



A recent addition to the Triangle Taper family, floating Ambush lines are our most successful introduction. A West Coast influenced design for single-hand casting, single Spey, Skagit, scandi, switch, and double Spey. Now in heavier weights to 600 grains. Originally designed for roll casting in close quarters, the short 20’-29’ heads are ideal for quick-loading. With J3 coating and welded loop. 195-600 grains.


TT-6-F @ 18’ 235

TT-7-F @ 20’ 265

TT-8-F @ 20’ 290

TT-9-F @ 24’ 350

TT-10-F @ 24’ 400

Ambush Fly Line

Additional information

Line Weight / Grain Weight

4F 195gr, 5F 215gr, 6F 235gr, 7F 266gr, 8F 290gr, 9F 350gr, 10F 400gr


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