OPST Commando Smooth

OPST Commando Smooth Sale!

The new-ish OPST Commando Smooth is on sale at 25% off starting today. Most spey anglers are familiar with the OPST Commando Head. It’s the head that started all of this “micro-skagit” stuff, and is the most popular single-handed spey line on the market.

The Commando “Smooth” is the integrated version of the Commando head. It has a built-in (integrated) bright orange shooting line that is slick and small in diameter. While not as popular as the Commando head, those who have tried it rave about the casting performance. And everyone loves to get rid of that loop-to-loop junction when fishing for trout.

If you’re the kind of angler who likes to retrieve your streamer while spey fishing for trout (or whatever), switching to an integrated line will be a game changer. Like it’s non-integrated counterpart, the Commando Smooth is an excellent choice for both single and two-handed rods.

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