August Trico's

August Trico’s

Trico’s on the water for the rest of the month. Will they stay longer? No.

How about the caddis? Yep, still around and will get us through the month of August.

Terrestrials? Yessir. Get out those gaudy and larger bugs to coax those bottom dwellers out of the depths and rise to the occasion.

Bring the entire arsenal of flies for your August fishing trips and you may use many of them on any given day.

The weeds have subsided a bit, given any day conditions, and many anglers are spread out from top to bottom. We see boats and shuttles on all reaches.

The weather ahead is variable. August can bring us days in the 70’s, and nights in the 50’s. Then, the other kind of week, like the warm one. But it is not the norm. Enjoy the 80’s for the rest of the week applying sunscreen in all the right places.


Flows are holding at a reasonable 3K with water temps @ 64F. Not bad at all my fishy friends.

Call the shop if you need up to date, up to the minute, wind, weed, weather, fly, and float suggestions. We are at the ready. Shop open ealry for all your fly fishing needs Missouri River.

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