Beth Hood Winter Travel

Beth and her husband Geoffrey Langel are off to the tropics for a month.

They sent this dispatch last week about their life of searching for killer saltwater flats, golf carts, and rod warranties.


Golf cart junkies!

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 2.43.02 PM
Full chill.

We spent the last 3 days driving a golf cart 7 miles one way down a bumpy, mud puddlen, no-see-um infested dirt road.

With every bump hit, the rods would bounce causing the guides to smash into the seat.  I thought for sure we were gonna break at least one rod.

The farther we drove the worse it got but we were on a mission to get north of San Pedro…where the flats go on for miles.

The first day, after almost 2 hours of driving on this godforsaken road we finally reach the beach. As the golf cart gets a flat tire.  We were in the middle of nowhere.  We ended up driving it with a flat for a mile or so and until we found somebody with a phone.

We called the rental place and they told us we were not supposed to drive that far. We must have overlooked that fact?

The roads to were far too bad consequently they wouldn’t come get us.

That first day was wasted dealing with and spending the day dealing with the flat tire. We never made it fishing that first awful flat tire ridden day.

But we did risk going back the next 2 days to see a couple permit tailing and few bones swimming around.

To date no broken rods. Yes, they really are tough. We’ve found that saltwater fly rods are built for people like us. A willingness to overcome, with saltwater dreams on our minds daily.

Thanks Beth and Geoff for the intel on the saltwater action to our much warmer southern direction. We too have saltwater daydreams…enjoy the warmer waters and much more palm tree landscaped arena’s.

Beth Hood
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