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Big Sky Photo Contest – Ended

Our Big Sky Photo Contest sponsored by our good friends at Howler Bros. has concluded. All images have been received, and the judging will now begin. With the use of the W.O.P.R. super computer and a couple of 18 packs, the Headhunters staff will now judge the winning photo. The winner will receive shwag from Howler Bros. and bragging rights for eternity.

There are some great images in this Facebook album. We’ve been really impressed with all of the submissions, whether artistic or humorous. This image was one of the last, submitted by Oliver Hicks.

Stay tuned for the winning announcement. If you want to steer the judges in any direction, “like” all of the pics you think are great, and share them on your FB page! “Likes” will count. At least a little. You can also comment on the blog, here, below.

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