Blackfoot River Fishing Report 6.19.15

Blackfoot River Fishing Report 6.19.15

The big bugs have arrived and the fish are eating them. Salmon Flies fill the canyon and as of yesterday, the fish were hungry for them.

What will it be like today? No promises. I guess that deal is coming and going. I generally catch the hatch when it is going.

The river is greenish and perfect. It is falling too. 1480cfs at Bonner and falling rapidly.

Not as much pressure as I thought may be on the Blackfoot for a Stonefly hatch of this note.

A damn pretty float with a ton of fish on the big Salmonfly. What else could you want?

We love fishing on the other side of the divide. Why not take a day out of your busy Missouri River schedule and head over the hill. We’d love to introduce you to another Montana jewel.

Blackfoot River Fishing Report 6.19.15
Call up the folks at Blackfoot Angler for an update.

We always stop in the Blackfoot Angler for an update and a chat.

Breakfast at the Stray Bullet is almost a must and lunches are available too. A good stop on your way into the wilderness. The small General Store Blackfoot Commercial Company has an Espresso machine that will help those late nights at Trixi’s. And a gas station too! Lodging is good there as well with a few rooms available nightly.

All you need in a small Montana fishing town.

Dry flies are the norm on the Blackfoot River with big and bushy ones that we all can see attached to the end of your line.

The hatches coming off include a decent PMD, caddis, Salmon Flies, Yellow Sally’s, and some drakes too. Fun times all day long on this freestone across the divide.

Check out this video by Scumliner Media for an idea of how fun this trip can be!


Dead Flies Don’t Swim from scumliner media on Vimeo.
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