Blackfoot River Montana Fishing Report 7.7.15

Blackfoot River Montana Fishing Report 7.7.15

Blackfoot River Report from yesterday posting today on the Headhunters Fly Fishing Blog.

Hoot-Owl conditions, closing at 2pm,  with no weeds an good fishing. That is the bones of this report.

Got to the River Junction early and not alone. One dusty SOB heading in there.

Most boats were guided and filtered off the boat ramp easily.

Slow the first couple hours as Missoula legend Tom Jenni said to me floating by that they were a little stingy in the mornig for him too.

Then the sun rose over the canyon as a good bite ensued.

Golden Stones were the key for us. Even threw the dropper for awhile in the late am with some success too. Blooms Tung Dart and the Iron Sally.

Saw some good PMD’s for a while too.

A real nice time across the divide finished off with a burger at Trixi’s.



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