Change, when Change happens

Change, when Change happens

April, May, June. One thing in common of all three is change.

High water, low water, falling and rising. Water temps along with the left over weeds or peculiar dam operations can change the water conditions without our knowledge. Rain, snow, wind, mid from blown feeder tributaries. All things to consider when out there fishing the Mighty Mo.

The water levels seem to be much lower than many remember and it certainly has made for interesting talk amongst shop staff as well as anglers hanging ’round the front shop patio.

Truly interesting wandering down the river and really seeing the bottom post 2019 late winter scrape. Fish are moving around in these new evident subsurface bottom structures. Super cool.

Clouds. Clouds change fish behavior. Generally for the better. An aggressive eating pattern should trigger you to ramp up your intensity as well.

Change, when Change happens.

That means flies too. 30 minutes would be a long run without action for me without a fly change, or a wholesale fly change. But usually only after depth changes. Longer and shorter. Those changes gotta happen if you are not on the bite. Put the fly nearer the trout mouth. Make it easy to make a bad decision.

Static behaviors are for those who do not like to catch a bundle of fish.

Water temperatures increasing definitely boost the activity of our trout. Warmer means more movement. The fish will move farther to eat that fly. But it also means fish will hold in swifter current whilst eating. Again, acknowledge the change in the elements and adjust accordingly. Make the conscious choice to engage in the predatory game.

At nearly 41F the changes that will happen from now until late June are vast. But specifically the change that will occur during the next 4 weeks simply in water temperature alone is pretty ind blowing. To keep pace you will again have to include your brain in the decision making process.

Or not. Your choice.

Wind. I usually go in. But wind can change where the fish hold or lie. Thinner or skinnier riffle/runs can harbor sometimes dumb surface feeders. Blind fishing some of these know locales can yield large and aggressive dry fly takes.

Angle of sun. You gotta figure this one out yourself. But the wrong light on you the wade angler or boat reflection can dash even the best laid plans.

Change, when Change happens.

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