Double Rigging a Streamer

October and November are terrific streamer fishing months on Montana’s Missouri River. Everything this is donning their fall suits including the trees, animals, and our big and fat trout.

Halloween is on the way and the Brown Trout are dressing for the occasion.

Why not toss some streamers while fishing the MO. Tired of throwing just one streamer fly? Try two.

Here on the Missouri we are not afraid of a couple things while chucking the big bug. Strong tippet material and double rigging.

We commonly use 0X, or 1X, or even 2X for those delicate streamer presentations. But usually the heavy diameters.

We love to double rig as well. This is the 3rd time I’ve posted this in the last 3 or 4 years but have been requested to do so again. So here it is.

Double Rigging a Streamer
Double Rigging Streamer Diagram Headhunters Fly Shop

We like heavy  tippets and this swivel. Or a tippet ring. Or a blood knot with the streamer attached to the tag end of one of the two knot legs. Your choice. The swivel allows you to tie any butt section or formerly tapered leader along with any size tippet toward the terminal end.

Some tie two streamer together with the second fly off of the first fly bend. That works as well. Need something new to try? Try this. We like the bigger fly on the back end chasing the smaller fly toward the fly line end.

Enjoy and see you swinging a few out of your favorite streamer flat this fall.

Double Rigging a Streamer
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