The Fiberglass Manifesto

The Fiberglass Manifesto 12 Days of Christmas

The geniuses over at The Fiberglass Manifesto are engaged in their annual 12 Days of Christmas. Starting yesterday. You are one day behind, sorry.

The genius being Cameron Mortenson who has single handedly brought the fiberglass rod business out of the basement and back alleys into the public eye.

One of our favorite bloggers, anglers, and fella’s Cameron has a well written, photographed, and managed daily. It rules!

You should really check this site out during this ridiculous give away. Want some free fly fishing swag this holiday period. Something you do not have to pay for?

It is a bunch of cool stuff and Monday’s contest had 6 stockings full of killer shit! All you have to do is email the site and you are entered. Simple winning.

Get on this @


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