Fishing, Baseball, Spring Training, and Opening Day.

Opening Day of Baseball has arrived. Hooray!

I think it is the true sign of the start of summer. I know that the lunar cycle date is later in June. The traditional start of summer. Or is it Memorial Day weekend? For some it is even July 4th.

I believe it is today, March 30th.

Fishing and Baseball. Spring Training and Opening Day.

Montana Spring Training starts in March. It hasn’t always started that early. No not at all.

Warmer winters in the last several years has driven local Montanan’s outside of their cozy homes and onto the river. The past 10 years has seen a drastic increase in winter and spring fishing across central and western Montana.

But not this year. We only recently began to see anglers with any regularity. A weekend way back in February was warm enough to produce dozens of anglers they quickly retreated to their cozy homes attending to indoor pursuits.

Guide trips out daily as we move into the fourth month of twenty-three. 5 months of winter here allowing a long winters fish nap.

The Wet-Sdie, Missoula, has always had an early start with the popular Skwala fishery over there. It had been quiet here for years. Then more folks recognized the winter opportunities. Spring too.

Pretty damn lonely here this November, December, January, February. But March historically marches in with Midges, streamer anglers, and the occasional 50F day. Not this year.

So we hope to be enjoying the month of April warming up, getting the kinks out of our throwing arm, and oiling our mitts.

March was cold. Our last look at lonely streets as April may be go time for us. Practice time is over. We are ready for the bigs. For games to count. Our team is in place and ready to play. Daily.

Just like those playing in the major leagues 162 games. You gotta be strong and healthy to make it through the entire 7 month plus season.

Spring Training has passed us here at Headhunters on the banks of Montana’s Missouri River. It’s over. Spring break is on though. We have enjoyed the tail end of winter and we are headlong into spring fishing. Since we spend the entire winter here, then the entire spring, fishing, spending time in the shop, and guiding…we feel we are all trained up.

But some of you are just getting into spring. Some have just started to think about fishing. No worries man. You got lots of time. The next 7 months are wide open.

Spring Training is all about getting out there and feeling your way around with a fly rod in hand. In baseball it is all about showing the coach that you are worthy. Worthy of not getting sent down to the minors.

Getting on the field and enjoying the practice period. For those who fish it includes putting together your new gear bag, organizing flies, practicing your long cast, cleaning fly lines, re-spooling your streamer reel with a new line.

Where are you at in the process. Are you getting closer to Opening Day?

SOL is in the garage un-thawing his frozen drifter. Stored outside for the water with the cover engaged. That hole that allows the anchor arm to extend from the boat gathered snow. Tipped up and plugs out is the proper method for a dry boat in the spring. Plugs in along with level boat manifests in over a foot of frozen stuff. Oars, nets, water bottles, other secrets of 2022 emerged from the hidden regions of a drift boat.

Getting ready. Refreshing the First-Aid Kit is primary. Do it. Then the rest of the madness. I stated earlier that I ws to reduce the amount of crap in my drift boat. And that is my task beyond the thaw. I’ll get there. Hopefully.

Currently snowing here on the Mighty Mo March 30. Lunchtime. Does not look like we are any closer to summer days as I write today. I love baseball. So, so today I get to watch the Boys of Summer kick off a glorious long 162 game season. Summer nites with the sound of the bat, the glove, the crowd. Early Summer mornings with the silent nature of the river with hatches and spinner falls in front of you, like the baseball season. Summer dreams. Oh boy. Do we here in Craig have them. Yes.

Looking forward to today, tomorrow, the next day…summer.



Opening Day has arrived on the Missouri


Fishing and Baseball. Spring Training and Opening Day
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