Fishing Meetings

Fishing Meetings

Fishing Meetings

Mark is at Chico Hot Springs embroiled in Fishing Outfitter Association of Montana Annual Meetings.

Fishing politics. Public Access issues. Lobbying. Legislative Issues. Madison River Recreation Plan. Negotiates Rule Making Committee Updates. And some general bullshitting.

Mark is your Missouri River region director for FOAM.

You can contact him if you wish to become a guide. Yell at a guide. Or yell at him.

The latter requires you to bring a six-pack. Preferably light beer.

The good news is that the annual membership meetings are @ Chico Hot Springs. They have a few things going for them here. Stunning Paradise Valley, great food, a historic Montana fixture, and a saloon.

The real meetings begin after 5 pm. In said saloon…


Fishing Meetings
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