Flows, Water Temps, 2022 Water, Local Projects

Flows, Water Temps, 2022 Water

Flows are reaching higher and higher as the temps plunge further and further. Currently 34F with flows crawling uphill 4010 cfs. All factors are creating a not so fishy period.

Better weather this coming year. In January. Better conditions. Fishable conditions.

The water temps will hit the bottom pretty soon. With continued arctic weather  it will fall another 1 degree? Maybe? It is near the basement for the winter.

Flows are up and down, more so now that the ice age has arrived. You can witness water out of the banks near Cascade and beyond as the ice flows increase the volume of the water, that is taking up the river. If you put 50% frozen water out there in the river, the ice displaces the water and that can manifest itself as water outside the banks.

Hah. So that means water outside the banks as the ice moves the water outside, the banks.

How about the elephant in the room? The image up top, on the front of this very blog shows you that there will be some work on the little Wolf Creek Bridge, in the town of WC, this summer. And a couple other items along with this work.

Why is the project needed?

The bridge deck surfaces are heavily worn down. Resurfacing the I 15 bridges will improve the driving surface and extend the life of the bridge. The upper deck portion of the Little Prickly Pear Creek Bridge has deteriorated and needs to be replaced. The rest of the bridge is in good shape and will remain in place.

The resurfacing and replacement of these bridge decks will help ensure the safety and integrity of the roadway for motorists and the community of Wolf Creek well into the future.


Construction will take place in 2022 and will take 3-4 months to complete.

Little Prickly Pear Creek Bridge
Traffic impacts on Walsh Street will likely involve slight delays, lane shifts, reduced lane widths and alternating one-way traffic. MDT plans to maintain access over Little Prickly Pear Creek Bridge during construction, however, restricted vehicle widths and weights are likely.

Interstate 15 Bridges at Wolf Creek
Access to Wolf Creek on- and off-ramps will be maintained. Traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction and crossover lanes will shift traffic to the same side of the interstate through the work zone. The speed limit will be reduced and vehicle widths will be restricted.


Not too bad out there right now. Snow in the hills and more coming. The coast has got some precipitation and we will take any of the scraps that come our way this month. We are hoping we have a heavy precipitation winter. To refill the empty reservoirs.

Green is good. More green on this map!

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