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Wednesday Mo River Fishing Update

Wednesday Mo River Fishing Update


Flows currently 4770cfs. Wadeable.

Trico’s am. Spinner falls daily, unless the wind blows them away.

PMD spinner fall mid morning and into the afternoon some days.

Saw good caddis hatches before noon and into the afternoon as well. Skittering, hatching, spent, ovipositing, etc. Brown 16’s. Love when the caddis come to party.

Nymphers rocking it in the middle on the tertiary shelf and the afternoons going shorter. Morning shorter too? Why not.

The dry fly fish getting more difficult by the day. First cast more important the ext couple weeks. The shotgun approach is no longer working. Gotta be better.

Weeds are increasing.

Daily at Headhunters in Craig. Open first, open last.


Friday Foto | Taylor Edition
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