Headhunters Fly Shop Fishing Report

Headhunters Fly Shop Fishing Report September 4th

The Missouri River is fishing quite well. The Blackfoot too. Which river should you fish? How about both.

John and Mark are heading over the hill today to fish the Blackfoot for a couple days to see the cool color changes, the high mountain experience, and try to fool a few Cutthroat trout along with the healthy populations of Rainbows and Browns. Maybe a Bull Trout or two as well? We will give yo an update on the fishing in the next couple days as to the success of the trip across the Continental Divide.

The fishing on the Mighty Missouri is heating up for fall! The flow plans are in as well and it looks like we will be seeing a few more cubic feet per second than normal. Will that affect the fishing? It may get better. It will cool the water sooner for sure and maybe bring the bigger BWO’s out of hiding sooner tan the previous years. Will it release those weeds earlier? Maybe.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 6.32.28 AM

All reaches of the river are fishing well. The Dam? Unbelievable. Big trout on tiny midges and some larger PT and mayfly patterns too. Try anything bigger? Stop in the shop and ask our knowledgable staff for any up to the minute hot flies for your Missouri River success.

The streamer fellers are not yet cleaning ups s the weeds in the water column will not let too many casts through before picking up the junk. How are the weeds? Not bad at all. I would say roar less than the two previous years not eh Missouri River. Shake ’em off, cast them off, or just enjoy the day. Have not had anyone of my clients complain about them in the last two weeks.

Quieter for another couple days and then the folks do return for the good September fishing parade. Nymphing is always rock star status in Spetember but this year the late summer caddis and ants have made their way into the conversation big time. Blind dry fly fishing is very good and try your hand at that in the afternoons is you so desire. Lots of good stories about not only the ant and the caddis but the hopper too. Whatever bigger fly you like tie it on and go out there and cast!


Not too bad and cooler mornings have been keeping the water temps in the right region. Nicer afternoons in the mid 70’s this last week and more to come. We can see temps creep into the 80’s in September but judging the summer and the cooler temps all year long, we do not see that happening.

The shop is open daily at 7am for all your Missouri River trout fishing needs. Some sale hangover items including deep discounts on DEMO rods from SAGE, Loomis, Orvis, Echo and reels, lines, shitty flies, fly fishing accessories, shirts, some rain gear and the like. We’ll see you this weekend on the Mo or the Blackfoot!

Enjoy the fall here in Montana with Headhunters.

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