Headhunters Fly Shop Moving Forward

Headhunters Fly Shop Going Forward

Headhunters Fly Shop Going Forward

We here at Headhunters feel pretty fortunate for 2020. We do, and we thank you the Headhunters out there. Our customers.

Below is the outline for the Holiday period ahead of us.  We are updating you the Headhunter of the Holiday period ahead of us as we navigate the new world as it morphs daily! Adjustments are part of our reality! Enjoy the coming 6 weeks and we hope fishing is part of your plan wherever you may reside!

Safety is our Priority

We have had some near misses. Yep. And we again thank our staff, our guides, and again, you. We did have a couple positive COVID tests in Craig this spring, summer and fall. A couple Craig customers tested positive after their visit to Craig. And a couple of them were fishing with our guides. Those who were near and had contact with those non-symptomatic positive testing anglers immediately quarantined and were tested. Safety is our first priority here in Craig. The number 1. Yes, safety.

As we move forward into the winter months we are making some changes based on safety and COVID Protocols that we feel not only keep our staff and guides safe, but you the HH customer too. Remember that safety drives these decisions. Headhunters directly helps support 29 families. Families are our driving force. These families come to work everyday. And we feel it important to keep them going!

TakeAway Window

The first line of defense is keeping our distance from each other. We are encouraging the use of the TakeAway Window. The TakeAway Window is located on the west side of the fly shack. Need a shuttle, a few flies, a new trout spey line…all can be done through the TakeAway Window.

Want to try on a new pair of SIMMS waders? Get warm in a new Orvis wading jacket? Gotta get your hands on that new ACR Trout Spey Rod? Go deep in the nymph bins stocking up for your winter foray to the dam? Then by all means come inside.

If there are not many anglers around, true in the winter months, then come on in. We will be keeping the infection zone as clear and clean as possible. Headhunters Fly Shop has always been a cozy environment with our not so vast retail floor leaning towards the fat side of 500sf. Too small area for more than 6 people. We will continue our 6 person in the store rule as we move forward through this holiday season.

Mask Mandates 

Mask Requirement Mandates in Montana. We continue requiring face masks while in the store. We have several hand sanitizing station inside and outside for your use.

Infection rates are high in our Montana neighborhood. They are skyrocketing in the surrounding states including WY, ND, SD, WA. Yes. We feel so fortunate with our near misses and we want to continue it through this period.

Craig Montana Lodging

For the lodging side of Headhunters we encourage 1 or two person visits/stays. We do not and will not accept larger parties for guide trips or lodging. A family of four at the Craig House, non-guided? Of course. We are not focussed on limiting fun. Nope. We are committed to limiting the spread of COVID-19.

Limiting the contact between all of us can only help all of stay safe.

Feel free to call 406-235-3447 and speak with Julie or Sara concerning your upcoming winter guide trips and/or lodging reservations. We do and will reserve the right to accept or deny lodging and guiding requests based on the underlying theme of safety  of our guests and Headhunters families.

Guide Trips

We have observed that guiding a couple fellers in a drift boat has led to not one Covid infection. We do know that. Masks in the vehicle to and fro has been followed, and we will continue requiring masks in closed habitats such as vehicles.

Guide Trips available. We are guiding anglers daily. 1-2 anglers in a boat and certainly during Swing Season here on the Mo. Pretty safe swinging through a run out there on Mother Mo. Again along with the lodging restrictions we encourage you to come as a single or a double. Not your fly fishing club. Reserve that for this coming summer!

River Shuttles

We have had very few issues with the vehicles of customers while we encounter them in the shuttle process. A reminder to you the shuttle customer; Please keep it clean. You trust us to keep clean and sanitary, we will expect the same of you.

Afternoon football games lame this week? Clean your truck. You’ll feel good, even on Monday morning, heading to work!

Headhunters Fly Shop Holiday Hours

Starting Monday November 23rd Headhunters hours will be 8am-1pm daily. The staff will run the daily shuttles after 1pm. No early outs for our shuttle customers. The earliest we could have your vehicle to your final destination will be 130pm. Shuttles based on daily availability. And it is always first come first served. Last minute requests may be denied.

The shop may be open beyond 1pm so feel free to swing on by. Light shuttle days you may see the OPEN sign on til 5pm. So a variable open-ness beyond the 1pm marker. Again, call if you are headed out 406-235-3447. Daily fishing reports from the All Star HH Staff, just ask Siri to call Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig MT.

Thanksgiving Day 8am-12pm. Only a couple shuttle slots available on this fishy holiday so make sure you got your turkeys in a row before heading out with your drifter.

Christmas Eve Day 8am-12pm. For those who did not shop at all. Open for gifts til noon. Only a few shuttles available on this nearly holiday day as well.

Thanks to our Headhunters Customers!

TakeAway Window use, masks, shop occupancy limits, being smart with lodging, clean vehicles, holiday shop hours will help all of you, us, and them remain safe at Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service.

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