Headhunters Fly Shop Monday Fishing Report

Headhunters Fly Shop Monday Fishing Report

Fished a couple days this week and did not have the best of luck. Thought it was pretty tough.

Did catch some nice Whitefish though.

Nymphers have been getting it done for the most part. Swingers have been having better luck from the reports coming into the shop Sunday and Monday morning.

Water levels are up but not to the level of the historical data. The water levels are at 3880cfs. Not the 5K we like in the winter months. Will we see that level? Probably not this winter unless we see a wet late winter and spring. Which we are not scheduled to have…but Mother Nature works in strange ways.

Water temperatures are holding at 35 degrees. Still cold but not in that 33F range like it was a few weeks ago.

February has arrived and I think we are happy? We are one month closer to summer I guess. Spring and summer dreams move to the forefront of our minds.

For the fishing report  here on the daily Headhunters Fly Shop Blog.

Apparently the fish have gone a mini winter strike. When will they stop picketing? Oh, maybe later this week. Who knows when the bite will come back. A few guide trips out this week that had moderate success. Not great in the morning but better in the afternoon. So our suggestion is to fish in the afternoons. The air temps are always warmer, or almost always warmer in the pm.

Worms are what Ninch likes in the winter. John is all in on the worm for the off season as well. I am on the fence. I like a big pink weight fly. The firebead is still a good idea for a tail fly. Pink Lightening Bugs, Tailwater Sows, Ray Charles, Bubble Yum, Blooms Rainbow Weight Fly, Rainbow Czech and more.

The swingers are fishing both Skagit and Scandi heads with various tips attached. Whether you like to dredge with a Skagit system with unweighted flies or fish the upper water column with your Scandi line the Missouri River is your winter Trout Spey resource. Stop in for any Trout spey gear you may need for any trout fishing journey here or otherwise.

Check out our Missouri River Lodging sites if you are planning a spring summer or fall trip to our neighborhood. Craig Trout Camp is very popular with 4 properties right here in Craig. Our famous Spring Special is coming soon. A perfect second trip to the Mo this year. Why not?

Headhunters located in Craig is your 12 month destination. Why stay anywhere else?

Fly shop open daily @ 8am.


Headhunters Fly Shop Monday Fishing Report
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