Headhunters Staff Top 5 Christmas gifts

Headhunters Fly Shop Staff Top 5 Christmas Gifts

Polled the staff this last week for their favorite Christmas items. Most of them said it was difficult to pick out only 5. Working in a fly shop with all the cool fly fishing tackle, flies, and fly fishing gee-haws surrounding you will drive a gal or guy just nuts.

When I put the pressure on, this is what they came up with.

John Arnold

1. ECHO Glass two-hander
2. Sage SALT 990 for the Keys
3. Simms G3 Guide Bootfoot Waders
4. Abel Classic Switch Reel
5. Fly Tester Tank

Max Mattioli

1. Echo Glass Spey 11′ 7wt
2. Kast Steelhead Gloves
3. Renzetti Vise
4. Bradley Smoker
5. Drift Boat, any kind will do.

Julie Arnold

  1. Fishpond Nomad Net
  2. Kast Steelhead Gloves
  3. Echo Fiberglass 11′ 7wt Rod
  4. Rising Big Nippa
  5. Shimizaki Powder Keg

Sara Roholt

  1. YETI Rambler 30 oz.
  2. Fly Vine Bracelet
  3. SAGE One Outfit
  4. ABEL Dancing Bears Reel
  5. Fishpond Sushi Roll

Mark Raisler

  1. SAGE 6126
  2. Kast Steelhead Gloves
  3. RIO Scandi Short Versi-Tip
  4. SIMMS Cold Weather Shirt
  5. Headhunters Dead Drifter T-Shirt

Dewey Sutphin

  1. SAGE 6126
  2. RIO In Touch Indicator Fly Line
  3. Kreelex Just Add-Vise Kit
  4. SIMMS Slick Jacket
  5. Abel Classic Switch Skull & Crossbones fly reel

Ben McNinch

  1. T & T DNA XF 12’6″ 7wt.Spey Rod
  2. Abek “Dancing Bears” 6N Reel
  3. RIO ConnectCore Shooting Line .037
  4. RIO Scandi Short VersiTip #7
  5. RIO Steelhead/Salmon tapered Leader 12′ 10#

Braden Lewis

  1. Sweetgrass Bamboo Rod 7’9″  5wt. Mantra
  2. Thermos/Nissan HH Logo’d Pink Flavor
  3. Rooster Necks, or any tying stuff
  4. SAGE Accel 790 Streamer Rod
  5. Mark Raisler and John Arnold Autographed Visor

The fly fishing wish list items in common all focus around the 2 handed rod. The Swing Season is upon us and most of our staff is on board. Come out for one of our FREE Casting Clinics this winter with the first one on Saturday December 6th @ 9am. Call today to reserve your free spot in this very popular spey casting clinic.

Montana spey fishing


Big Sale all weekend long at Headhunters Fly Shop with HH Logo’d gear at rock bottom pricing. A ton of SIMMS products and discounted flies too!

  • SIMMS Headwaters Wading Boots for women Vibram
  • SIMMS Freestone Wading Boots both felt and Vibram
  • SIMMS RiverTek BOA Wading Boots Vibram
  • Headhunters Logo Wear like T-Shirts and hats, men’s & women’s SIMMS Logo’d shirts
  • SIMMS Flip Flops
  • $12/Dozen Flies!
  • Fly Lines from RIO, Cortland, Orvis, Airflo
  • Select packs and bags
  • HH Logo’d Fly Boxes
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