Headhunters Spey Clinic

Headhunters Spey Clinic | Saturday Spey Clinic Cancelled

The damn cold weather got us…we are pulling the plug on the Saturday Headhunters Spey Clinic.

We’ll move this Saturdays Headhunters Spey Clinic to the following Saturday the 14th, weather permitting.

Same fun, same class, different day. We still have some openings for this very popular free spey clinic. Headhunters is the 2 Handed Spey Education Center on the Missouri River.

We love teaching beginners, intermediates, and up. All skill sets are welcome and all can enjoy some winter casting here on the Missouri River.

Headhunters Fly Shop have a bundle of DEMO SPEY RODS in the shop that you are free to use any day of the week, or month! Try out lines, rods, and get a handle on your own 2 handed mojo.

Headhunters Spey Clinic
Headhunters Spey Clinic. Call today for your Free Clinic Reservation

Headhunters Spey Clinic | Scumliner explains what this clinic is all about…

We’re already getting questions about the free Two-Handed clinics we offered last winter. Hold on boys! We haven’t even had fall dry fly season yet! Blue-winged Olives are yet to come…

Starting around Nov. 15th, however, the “Swinging” really starts to pick up. Floating lines, flashy fry flies and big fish. The Missouri is a fantastic river to use a two-handed rod on. We’ve already spotted a few long rod fans out there.

But to answer your question, OF COURSE we are again offering our free Two-Handed clinics. They will begin in December, just as last year. We will continue with the same format, morning instructional class with a Q&A session, followed by on the water casting. You will be casting, not watching.

These clinics are great for anglers who are just beginning with a two-hander, or for those who want to work on existing and new casts. This is not a demonstration. You will quickly be in the water, and you will be casting. We also use flies during the clinic, and more than a few fish get caught!

If you want your own equipment, bring it. Every two-handed instructor will tell you to get a rod, line it correctly, and learn how to throw it. We agree. If you don’t have any equipment, we have numerous demo rods you can use at the clinic.

Speaking of lines, quite a few folks have used our clinic to dial in the right line, for their often mis-lined rods. We have a variety of Scandi and a few Skagit lines for you to try on your rod.

The first clinic is Dec. 7th. Moved to December 14th. Like last year, you must sign up in advance by calling the shop at 1-877-379-3597 or 406-235-3447.

Download the PDF flyer with all of the dates below…

Spey Clinic Flyer


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