Headhunters Weekend Plans

Headhunters Weekend Plans

We’ll be fishing this Headhunters Weekend. That is the plan.

So will a few of your neighbors.

Heard of a Robin sighting recently. Not here, but somewhere’s in Montana. That is one of the many signs of spring.  None yet. Ospreys, Bluebirds, out of work guides…those kinds of animals show in the early stages of spring.

But I believe that spring is not officially here until the Golden Eye shit ducks leave the river.Then, and only then is it spring.

According to me.

Headhunters Weekend Hints

  • Don’t be afraid to do some weird shit. Fishing weird, not the other kind(s) of weird. Nobody does weird shit in Craig anyhow.
  • Dry fly YES. Maybe. Bring the rod. Don’t go home crying if it does not happen. Save the crying for your buddies too. Your girlfriend won’t feel too much sorrow for your non-dry-fly-catchin’ ass. She may even make fun of you.
  • Joe’s Bar open 8am-2am daily.
  • Streamer bite has been consistent. The most of any of the 3 fly fishing disciplines. Swinging strong. Why not take a Trout Spey rod from the burgeoning demo spey rack out for a test drive.
  • Want to stay in downtown Craig? We got rooms. Then you can see for yourself what happens in Joe’s Bar after midnight in the dead of winter…
  • Nymphers? Lots of them. PINK. And mayfly subsurface nymphs, midges, worms etc.
  • Why not fish a new stretch. I say this many times a year. Headhunters Weekend Plans dictate that you do it. Just do it. Switch it up. Or, fish the other side of the river. Whatever you need to shake up that fly fishing mental block that some anglers fall into…and never recover from. Don’t be that fly fishing guy.
  • The only food in the canyon is the Oasis in Wolf Creek. Thursday through Monday 7-7. Don’t be late for dinner or it will be Joe’s Bar and Tombstone Pizza for you. Cascade has a couple bars open with good Burgers. Beer too. Izaak’s opens the last week of March. Looking forward to it!
  • It’s time for a new fly line. It is. Our line winder is lubed and rolling up new lines singing that new line song! Oh so sweet a sound. We have them all from RIO, Airflo, OPST, Wulff, and more. Want to try a new taper or a new brand? We got ’em ready for demo too. We’ll make it easy to find the right line for your rod. Honest. Your fly line source in Craig Montana.
  • Headhunters open daily @ 8am with all of your Missouri River Winter Fishing needs in one place. Shuttles, coffee, the best in flies, free info, and as always enough bullshit for you and your friends.
  • Fish will rise in the center of the river. Banks too. On the curb? Ninch says yes. But never forget about the center river lane. Check out the image below. Center river. And see, those whist-ll-ee winging shit ducks are still anchored deeply on the Mo.
Headhunters Weekend
Center river dry fly flat. Missouri River Montana
Headhunters Weekend
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