Hump Day Fishing Report

Hump Day Update

All good on the local fire theme. The Rock Creek Fire is now contained and under wraps. NEar miss here in Craig Montana.

Water temps at the dam 62F-66F. Flows 3350. A good bump has helped d bit. Try to keep out of the basement at 2800cfs.

Pretty busy up top. The upper two launches are busy. Less traffic lower. But higher water temps.

The week ahead looks damn hot. Wow. Hot.

PMD’s waning. Caddis holding. Trico’s waxing. Some rising fish the last couple days. Not rock star stuff. Maybe today is the day? Trico Spinner falls will get the dry fly gang back on track.

Nymphers middle river. 2′-4′ with our without split shot. How about the deep buckets? Caddis and mayfly nymphs. Get out your Trico nymphs out. Zirdle? Yep.

Most anglers are out early. Off early. Ghost town out there in the later afternoons. Very few fishing the evenings.

Headhunters open daily @ 530am. Trips out early as well. Shuttles, rental boats, SIMMS, lots of killer rods and reels, the Best Flies Under the Big Sky, and friendly info filled shop staff to help with any of your trials and tribulations. Or fly selections…

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