It’s Dry Fly Season! The Headhunter Fly Line

The Headhunter Fly Line

Today speaking about the Headhunter Fly Line. A dry fly line designed by Headhunters manufactured by RIO for our dry fly obsessions!

It is finally dry fly season here on Montana’s Missouri River. And no better time to get your Headhunter Fly Line on that dry fly rod of yours.

For sale for nearly 4 years we could not be happier with the success of our first foray into line design. A proprietary line design and dry fly line like no other on the market.


Introducing the Headhunter Fly Line
Available at Headhunters of Craig or online

After years of trying every fly line on the market – and never finding exactly what we wanted – we decided to design our own line, specifically for technical dry fly fishing on the Missouri River.

The Headhunter Fly Line is designed for the medium to long casts we perform every day. Casts that require pinpoint accuracy, long-leader turnover, delicate presentation, yet the power to defeat the ever present Montana wind.

Introducing the Headhunter Fly Line
Dead Flies Don’t Swim!

We also created a stealthy sky colored line with a zone that helps anglers understand how much line to have off the rod tip to maximize false casting and line pick-up. Mission accomplished. And it turns out it’s a pretty darn great line for swinging soft-hackles, presenting short-leash nymph rigs, and general attractor dry fly fishing.


Designed for Headhunters, by Headhunters

A 21.5′ front taper with a 5′ mid section followed by a 24.5′ rear taper. A Double Delta Taper, and industry first, that will bring a new level of efficacy to your dry fly game.

The Performance Zone really works well. Easy line pick-up at the 25′ mark. Just strip in line until the Lime Green portion enters the rod tip and cast. The Performance Zone is 15′ in length. You can pick up the line easily from the water anywhere with in the Lime portion. And the color change is easily seen in the air too. Meaning you can use it to your advantage while false casting. The Headhunter Line is designed to cast the best within this zone. For the 25′-60′ dry fly casts we so commonly encounter.

Introducing the Headhunter Fly Line
The Lime Green section is The Performance Zone.

We have had the Headhunter Fly Line on the water for nearly 2 years. The verdict in in. Dry Fly Anglers love it. More flies in front of trout. More fish to hand. More smiles!  Lots of anglers have not only bought one, but two outfitting their 4, 5 and/or 6 weight. Available in line weights 4, 5 and 6.

Find yourself fishing the Delaware River, the Missouri River, The Henry’s Fork, Silver Creek, any spring creeks around America and Europe? Then you may enjoy the Headhunter Fly Line. Made for conditions that exist on all of the above resources and beyond!

Soft Hackling on your schedule this fall? Get yourself the Headhunter for that single hand swing rod of yours.

Check out the new Headhunter Fly Line in Downtown Craig Montana from the Missouri River Fly Labs of Headhunters Fly Shop. We have demo’s as well if you wanna go that route. Come by anyway or give us a call.

$80! Available in 4, 5, and 6 weights. Watch the video, check it out, and order one up for yourself!

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