Jared Reviews Driftwood

Jared Reviews Driftwood Bar Cascade Montana

Headhunters Fly Fishing Guide Jared Edens speaks openly about his local eatery and drinkery in Cascade Montana today on this very fly fishing blog.

Many of you know Jared from guiding with him, some by sitting  next to him on Headhunters porch, and some by his easy pace of life.

He guides the same way. Easy-going.

He’s one of those guys that drives people to their fullest abilities without them ever knowing he is pushing them. A brilliant instructor that never makes people/anglers feel uncomfortable. That in itself is a wonderful talent.

A talented fish finder and one of our most highly requested and regarded fishing guides Jared is spending his first winter in the canyon. Cascade Montana. How is he holding up? Pretty damn well. This guy smiles most of the time being comfortable in his environment.

Jared will be guiding throughout the remainder of the winter and fishing a bit when not hanging out with his lovely wife Leah.

So here is a little review of The Driftwood Bar and Grill by Jared Edens

Hello Internet wanderers. Jared Edens Speaking here.  I Just wanted to say how how much I love the Driftwood Bar and Grill.  A great bar only one block away from me here in Cascade Montana.

You know the type, a nice place for a cool one.  I know a few of us, and you too, who don’t mind chompin’ down on a good burger in your local eatery. Some might even call them worn. You know the type of place. Aged and worn. But worn can be good. Like a good pair of boots. Worn can be good.

And, and of course washing that burger back with a well designed and iced beverage of your choice.

Anyways, many whom might actually read this know about the Driftwood Bar & Grill. But if you don’t, check it out next time you find yourself hungry as a mule and thirsty as a dog around the lower Missouri River near Cascade.

The burger is coked ona flat top grill. You know the kind. Not a BBQ deal or a broiler. The kind where the burger can absorb all the grease juicyness around it. They turn the all beef handmade patty over and toss a slice of cheese on top. Then top it with lettuce adn the bun.

Then they scoosh it down a little with the spatula. Yum!

The barmaid will get you another cold one before sipping the spatula under the beautiful burger and placing on the bottom bun. Let the eating adventure begin.

It’s the type of burger that everybody loves. Well, those who like the juices running down their sleeve. It truly is a great burger to chomp down after a day of fishin’!

These pictures were taken after a “grueling” day of doing errands in town, so a mini celebration was in order.

May the Force be with you…

Jared is a popular Missouri River guide who is requested as much as a year in advance. Call today for your killer fishing trip Jared Style on the Mighty Missouri this summer!

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