Kreelex. Just Add Vise kits are back

Check it. The Kreelex Just Add Vise kit is in stock.

Kreelex Minnow. Just a few words about our Just Add Vise Kits today on the Headhunters Blog.

And, Kreelex Minnows are as well. But only the Silver and Gold, the Bronze and Gold still coming…

Until then, you will just have to tie your own. Enlist the help of the JAV Kit here, and tie up as many as you wish.

Kreelex We got the Kreinik materials in stock as well if you want to tie it in many colors. Halloween colors, Christmas colors, Bighorn colors, Missouri River colors, or your own killer Kreelex colors.

Add a couple packs of Kreinik flash in a tube, a bag of size 6 hooks, and dumbbell eyes from Headhunters and you got a weekend full of tying one of the best streamer patterns proven for Montana’s Missouri River.

If you are not familiar with the JAV Kits, they are all inclusive. All the materials for 20 flies, hooks, beads, thread, wire, wings…everything for th pattern of your choice. We have about 6 in stock now and more on the way. We’ll keep you up to date when they come on line. A video accompanies the kit with a handy QR Code on the package to the fly tying video. So, just grab the JAV Kit, your vise, and your phone…and tie on my fishy friends

All from your favorite fly shop in Montana, Headhunters.

Headhunters Fly Tying Nights start January 8th @ 6pm here in Craig. Not lessons, just a friendly fly tying group tying anything from Kreelex Minnows, to CDC Cripples, to Firebead Sows. And many flies in between. Come join us for fly tying and fellowship Wednesday nights beginning in January.

Check out the video, then order the kit here.

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