Kreelex in Stock!

The much awaited an anticipated arrival of the Kreelex has finally arrived.

We got ’em in stock. Deep too.

Both the kits and the actual fly.

Although you should probably get on board with a couple dozen as to not be without. We have a few flavors!

In the words of a trout bum who missed hi s calling and went into the turbulent world of M & A, Ben Brahinsky has always said “Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.”

We have a ton of other streamer patters as well. Ninch is creating a mega store for flies and unique resource specific patterns here @ Headhunters. The machine is morphing in a new direction this late winter as we approach spring. Some changes at hand.

You will have to follow on this very blog or just come in more often.

The store that never rests has not let this winter catch them sleeping. No, not at all.

Still some, a few, sale waders from SIMMS in stock. The last remaining Mountain Khaki shirts and pants too. Howler Brothers shorts and shirts. Headhunters T’s $12 & $14 alongside $10 hats. Cheap flip flops, sale bin flies to make way for the next generation of bugs.

If you don’t like them, the bugs, we let them go. They do not do us or you any good collecting dust int he bins. Most fly shops just hold them until they sell for retail regardless of how much the fish scoff at them. No, not here. Ninch cannot stand to have bins clogged by flies that rest. No resting. Only moving forward here at the ground shaking epi-center of Missouri River fly fishing.

So, come in and buy dozen filled cups for $5 & $7. Sift through and you may find a jewel or two!

Some new snow on the ground. Welcome Tuesday. Remember fly tying on Wednesday night here at the shop. We have a small and precise fly tying section here at the store for your pleasure. As you know, the Just Add Vise kits are a great way to introduce yourself to a new pattern. The materials, the hooks and beads are all included for you. And, and a video you access through your smart phone or tablet. Yah, just awesome. About 10 patterns in stock now and more to come!

Super Bowl week ahead as we prepare for the Hawks domination on Sunday.

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