LAte August Missouri River Flies

Late August Missouri River Flies

Late August Missouri River Flies that are hot this week and let’s hope this coming week too. The fishing in the morning is damn good if you are in the right spot with the right fly. What is the right fly? Some of these below are sure to get the job done.

Hopper fishing has been good with your favorite generic terrestrial flies coming on strong too. Trico’s still really strong. Saw one of the biggest Trico hatches and consequent spinner falls of the year on Friday. Saturday too? Maybe.

Late August Missouri River Flies

Row 1 top to bottom: Donkey Kong Hopper, Parachute Hopper, Morrish Hopper Pink, Burk’s Spent Hopper.

Row 2: Rainbow Czech Nymph, Military May Black, Tailwater Sowbug, Harrop’s Soft Hackle Bead Thorax Black, Magic Fly Tungsten BWO.

Row 3: Black Zebra Midge, Beadhead Poly Wing Emerger Black, Little Green Machine, Juju Baetis, Purple Lightening Bug.

Row 4: Arrick’s Ant, Glitter Ant, Fire Beetle, Storm Chaser.

Row 5: Snow Shoe Midge, Hi-Vis Trico, Passages Magic Fly Trico, Two Wing Trico Spinner, Purple Craze.

Hot flies in the shop this week. Hot flies on the water too. What flies work for you? Only you can know that secret. If you need a helping hand or suggestions on what is working don’t be afraid to swing and and have a cup of coffee and peruse the Headhunters fly bins. It really is fun fly shopping.

Ninch, Sara, Julie, John, Braden, Max, and Mark are ready to talk fly fishing. See you this late August on the quiet Missouri River.

Late August Missouri River Flies
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