Late Summer Season Missouri River Flies

Late Summer Season Missouri River Flies

Flies for smoky skies. The fish don’t seem to mind. They are protected by water.

Clear as mud right?

Happy Friday to all. Shop open daily 630am till 830pm.

Come on out with your beer goggles on. That may help with the smoke?

Top Row Left to Right
Pine Squirrel Leech, Snapping Craw, Kraft’s Crawdad, Kraft’s Kreelex, Flesh Eating Sculpin, Coffey’s Sparkle Minnow, Skiddish Smolt Copper

Middle Row
Al’s Groomer, More or Less Hopper Black, More or Less Hopper Peach, Sternersen’s CFO Flamer Purple, Burk’s Spent Hopper

Bottom Row
Buzzball, Cluster Midge, Arrick’s Parachute Ant, Bloom’s Parachute Flying Ant Rust, Bloom’s Para Caddis, Carlson’s Purple Haze

Late Summer Season Missouri River Flies
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