Maybe this is why we live in Montana

A map of the 4G LTE coverage in Montana.

You can clearly see that Montana is not covered. We actually do have cell coverage here in Montana. All those giant Montana cities, of which a couple peak at the 100K population mark, have some pretty decent coverage. But if you like to watch the Sunday ball game on your phone…you may not like living in Montana.

A little misleading, my use of this image, but I think you feel me here.

While we complain about the lack of communication speed and options here in central Montana, and certainly in downtown Craig, we are not completely disgruntled about the lack of cell coverage.

Many clients enjoy the lack of cell signal here on the Missouri River.

No coverage? No ringing phone? No worries.

Although we do have the only cell coverage at a fly shop in Craig with our cell booster. Izaak’s has it too. That is why you see the stack of anglers sitting on our porch in the late afternoons. Checking in with reality.

While reality is difficult to hide from…Craig Montana offers a bit of real life solace. 

And we dig it.

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