Mid Week Missouri River Fishing Report 6.21.21

Summer Solstice occurred Sunday night at 931pm. Now the days get shorter.

But the dry fly days are here. This is one of our favorite times of the season. PMD’s and caddis fill our dry fly dreams.

Caddis: Not overwhelming numbers. Some nights re filled with more. Some Caddis around. More of course int he canyon reaches and beyond. They love moving water. CDC caddis, CDC and Elk, Corn Fed, Translucent Emerger, Tape Wings, Missouri River Specials, X Caddis, Iris, Outrigger Caddis, Henry’s Fork Caddis. etc. Fish em in the film. Or skitter them.

PMD’s: Spinners will win the day. Cripples will also play well. Emergers sort of. Flags, Ninch’s Hangman, Film Critics, Limestone Cripple, Harrops, Rusty’s, Harrop’s Hi Vis both flavors, Splitsville Spinner, CDC Emegers, Caaptive Duns…

Nymphers: Caddis Pupa and PMD. Brown or purple or tan for the Pupa. Tungsten helps. Split Case PMD’s, and of the narrow bodied Euro Style nymphs like the Spanish PErdigon, The Tungsten PMD Splitback, Peep Show, Tungsten Reckoner, Trigger Nymph, Weight Fly, and the like. Short or deep out there. Find your secondary or teritiary shelf line and drift.

Flows and Water Temps: 3110cfs. Low. Temps at 58F. Warm.

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