Mid Week Missouri River Fishing Update

Mid Week Missouri River Fishing Update

Snow on the ground as it snowed all day yesterday and looks like we will witness more of the same as the week moves toward the weekend.

As they say, “May get a bit Western.”

Mid Week Missouri River Fishing UpdateMissouri River fishing report is as follows…

Nymphing becoming very good. April and May are generally quite good with the trout coming out of the winter form and becoming more aggressive everyday we move closer to the summer solstice. I have always believed that fishing gets better everyday until July 5th. Then it becomes more difficult until mid October. A normal historical fly fishing swing here on Montana’s Missouri River.

More and more attention to the mayfly. We are every near the turn to the mayfly making an appearance on your rig, daily. Midges of course very strong indeed. The reindeer of the fly list is quite normal for the late winter early spring time frame.

Streamer fishing getting better as well. As the water warms the fish will get grabby on the big bug. A tip for the day…fish like repetitive stripping action. They do not always like totally random tugs and pulls.

Clousers and buggers and leech patterns still shit hot. Stop in for the most prolific streamer selection in the Tri-County area. 7wt is off the streets, temporarily.

Dry flies daily. Find them in slack ponds, back eddies, and soft insides. Check out some back channels as well. The walk wade fellas have been finding the fish rising near dark. On the upper, on the lower, and in the middle too.

Those who have braved the snow in the past few days have found very few anglers not he water. It pays to fish when many will not. Always a good idea.

Water temps did touch 40F two days ago. It may stall for a couple days with the air temps leveling off for the tme being.

Headhunters Fly Shop open daily at 8am. We love that the daylight is increasing as March flirts with April. It seems like peak season arrives sooner every year. But we still have some really great swinging ahead of us. Look into a DEMO Trout Spey rod for your next outing. While some are dabbling in the spey game Headhunters is the Montana leader in not only information and education but the winner in product depth. 25+ demo rods along with the entirety of Spey lines from RIO, OPST, and Airflo.

Free coffee, and the YETI is back!

Izaak’s opening tomorrow at 4pm!!!


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