Missouri River 9.8.19 Fishing Report

Missouri River 9.8.19 Fishing Report

Missouri River 9.8.19 Fishing Report

Water Temps are about 62F-64F and may fall a bit this week with eh overcast rainy skies.

Water Flows 5010cfs. Above average and feeling good.

Weeds here and there. I personally think a level 6. On the scale of 1-10. Maybe a 5. Nymphing can be difficult in some areas. Weeds can fill the subsurface world and drive you to drink.

Trico’s here and there. You can find the fish doing pushups if you look. Or know where those common rising trout spots are. At 5K. Those spots are different than when the flows are at 4K. Saw some nice fish up the past 4 days. Boy, I would not consider them easy by any stretch. They will eat an Adams. A 16, early in the casting sesh. After that, get small man. Stop by the shop to fill your small impossible dream Trico cup.

Hoppers pretty good. Purple, Pink, pale yellow coming on strong, light green. Or color them up for your own hopper creation.

Ants good too. Try a bi-color if you like to get strange.

Pseudo’s? Still occasional.

I bet we see October Caddis later this month.

Most are fishing from wither Wolf Creek or the Dam. If you want to get away from anglers, fish below Craig.

Shop open 630-8 daily.

Izaak’s Wednesday thru Sunday. Trout Shop Cafe? Taco Cart? A mystery. Shotgun Annie’s. Daily.

Nymphing has been picking up. 6′ bobber to split shot. Caddis Pupa up top or a Czech or a Sow. Bottom flies include any small ass BWO pattern or a Callebaetis, or a small midge pattern or a small sunken spinner. Shorten it right on up in the afternoon if you wish.

Some success with a Hopper Dropper rig or a small mayfly dangling from a Baby Chubby. Yep, we got all the Micro Chubbies you can stand! In stock of course.

The streamer gang has been getting them. Good success the other day in my boat and again the following. Black leeches, SKiddish Smilts, Bighorn colors, Dali Llamas, white and chartreuse…on a dry line or an intermediate tip. Headhunters is your streamer source while fishing the Mighty Mo.

Swingers. Salivating. Have witnessed a few out there getting it done. Come by and see our new Trout Spey selections and sign up for our Trout Spey Camp October 10-12. A new kind of spey gig that you are gonna love. Check out our Trout Spey Camp Event Page here.

Autumn is in the air. Fall is around the next bend. Love to see you out here for our favorite season. Let us know how we can help 406-235-3447 anytime.

Enjoy your Monday!


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