Missouri River Arctic Blast Fishing Report

Missouri River Arctic Blast Fishing Report 11.14.14

Got real cold this week. Looks like it will extend through the weekend.

So, not much fishing going on here in the Missouri River canyon.

Looks like snow today on the somewhat accurate forecast. More accurate than normal. Unfortunately accurate.

Those few who have been braving the cold have had frozen snake and stripping guides along with frozen fly lines and frozen toes, ears, noses etc.

Missouri River Arctic Blast Fishing Report

Shop open daily from 8-5 if any of you wander down to the river for the weekend. We have a couple cabins available for $125 and Joe’s bar is still open till 2am.

The warmest spot in the canyon, for sure! Joe’s Bar indeed.

So, not much to report but there have been some bigger bugs around. Of course. Lower the air temps to ZERO and they come. Fish rising predictably in the predictably rising spots and zones.

Anglers on Sunday and Monday from the early part of the week saw a few pretty good sized pods eating a bundle of insects as they moved from subsurface to the surface and off. Albeit slowly. The of the water deal.

Also look for the dorsal and fin show in softer waters not isolated to but including eddy’s and inside bends.

Missouri River Arctic Blast Fishing Report
Falling rapidly. Get out and toss the BWO NOW!

Flows are at the 4400cfs mark and water temps are plummeting daily. Fell a few degrees this week. We should expect the same this coming week too.

Cancelled a couple guide trips this weekend do to cold air temps. Even with heaters in the boats, lots of Thermos’ filled with piping hot chicken broth, whisky, smiles, and hats? Ya, let’s wait a few more days and go when it is somewhat more entertaining. The winter program is certainly different from the summer program. Looser for sure.

Swingers should come back out of the house this weekend. A bunch of 2 handers around in the winter months. Remember the FREE Spey Clinic Saturday December 6th. Sign up today for your spot. Bring your girlfriend, your wife, your neighbor, your co-worker…or all of them.

That is all the news that is as we bring you the most up to date fishing report for the Missouri River. Thanks for reading as always and let us know how we can help plan your 2015 Missouri River vacation.


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