Missouri River August Flies

Missouri River August Dry Flies | Fishing Report 8.4.13

Technical fishing demands technical flies. HEre are few of those such flies.

Presentation is of course important for the success on the Missouri. The right flies do work in many situations, but I am a believer that many flies can work.

Here are a few of those flies pictured above  for your consideration.

  • Harrop’s PMD CDC Para Spinner
  • Para Orange, Pink Parachute
  • Harrop’s CDC Para Spinner
  • Psuedocloen Smoke Jumper
  • Double Duck Caddis
  • Stocking Wing Caddis
  • Cloud Caddis
  • Hotspot Callibaetis Spinner

Just a few of the flies that are in the mix for August.

Trico’s are still in the mix too. Don’t put them away yet. I saw a few Psuedo’s last night at the Headhunters BBQ, they will be in full effect in the next 2-3 months. Get ready for a little slice of hell, the Psuedo’s.

Hoppers are in the mix too. Is it our best hopper year? No. Will they eat it? Yes. Terrestrials of all types are working whether it be ants, beetles, hoppers.

Caddis are on the hunt, so do not forget to put a few of those in your pocket before heading out to the river.

The entire river from the top to the bottom is fishing well.

Ninch, wanted me to remiknd you the reader of these facts in the report today…

  • The river is OPEN. Not closed, and we do not see a closure in the future. The water temps being 63.5 in the mornings reaching 65 during the day.
  • It is not too warm to fish here and the flows are a good 3150 cfs. Good dry fly fishing depths.
  • It is not too weedy either.  agree with Ben in that the weeds are not really an issue. If you cannot deal with a  few weeds, then this may not be the river for you. Generally the 18″ fish rising to dry flies is a deal maker!
  • You can fish other places than the dam. Yes, the dam is good fishing, WC is good fishing too. Craig, good. The canyon, good.

Think about plans for the near future, meaning September and October. Book your days now for the fall. The colors on a few bushes are tinged orange and red. That may mean an early fall. Early BWO’s? Maybe. Dream it. We are.

Shop now open at 6am for the August thrust. Open late til 9pm for a while longer too. The earliest and latest shop in the valley. We got Diablo Kayak rentals for your weekend pleasures. Rental boats too. Shuttles, flies, cool clothing, sale rack, info, and ice.

See you on the water this cooler than July August!

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