Missouri River Dearborn River Montana Fishing Report 6.13.15

The fishing report is as follows…

Good everywhere. Some days better than others.

Caddis and PMD’s are the theme for the next month. Both creeks.

The Dearborn is on the latter part of the floating season. Today the Dearborn is falling and currently at 353cfs. A few more days? Yes, but below the magic 200cfs mark it is pretty difficult to float. You’ll be dragging your boat several times.

Salmon Fly patterns brought a few fish to the surface on Thursday. Saw quite a few bugs including masses of PMD’s. Caddis later in the day as we fished below the 2nd rock garden. A good trip for sure that unfortunately relatively short in length of season.

The Missouri River? It is game on fro the dry fly anglers. PMD’s and Caddis keep you busy nearly all day long. The wind in the past few days, mainly yesterday kept the flies at bay for a few hours…

Today a seasonal temperature of 72F and light winds. The fish at the time of press, 11am, are going bananas.

Honest. PMD’s get big browns all fired up.

The time is now. The time is in the near future. The time is now. The fish do get smarter everyday we pass through the summer.

Sally’s? Oh, maybe.

A few Dearborn shuttles today, and for the next few days as well. Call us for local and Dearborn shuttles.

Shop open early and late for all your trout needs.

Need lodging for the summer? Check out www.CraigLodging.com for lots and lots of options here in Craig MT and riverside up and down the Missouri River.

The water flows for the summer according to the USBR will hold at 4100cfs.

Missouri River Dearborn River Montana Fishing Report 6.13.15


Missouri River Dearborn River Montana Fishing Report 6.13.15
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