Missouri River Early September Fishing Report

Missouri River Early September Fishing Report

September weather is here and the daytime highs are in the 70’s and sometimes 60’s. We would rather it go that route than get back into the 80’s. We are happy to move out of August and into the future. September and October are terrific months for fly fishing in Montana. Fewer folks around and damn good fishing.

4340cfs and 63F are the stats that you may be looking for. Weeds? Some. Some days lots. Is is what you let it be. Overhearing the conversations on Headhunters porch, Izaak’s dining room, and the well worn bar @ Joe’s it is not a topic of concern. It si what you make of it. Honest.


The fishing is really quite good. The nymphing is turning on as September is historically a fantastic and very consistent nymphing month. Not as many bugs, dries around this month but if you look, you can find a few trout sipping dry flies.

Callibaets make an appearance in September. Look for silty runs and keep your eyes peeled. All you need to see are a few spinners hovering overhead and tie on a cool spinner. An Adams can do the trick too.

Psuedo’s everywhere. Daily on some part or reach of the river. Look for rising trout that you may not be able to catch. Try all your favorite BWO patterns and then some other goofy shit. Don’t spend an hour on fish that will not eat. Unless you are into that sort of thing.

Some caddis around too. Look for them and try your luck blind fishing or sight fishing a caddis over Pseudo rising trout. Make good presentations early in the casting session for a shot at these fish.

Streamer fishing picks up as the weeds dissipate. Some are catching fish on the bigger subsurface bug but not too many stories yet. Up towards the dam is the key to success as you can stay out of the weed for a few miles.

The entire river is fishing as many are heading into the canyon and lower. Boats all over the river. There will be pressure up top for another couple weeks and then back to normal.

Trico’s are a thing in the morning still but the window may be short. An hour or two is about the norm. Pray for calm weather and the spinners will get to the water. If the breeze appears you amy want to get out your bobber.

Hoppers in the afternoon and in the mornings is you prefer are still an option. Some days we see really great participation by the fish, others not so hot.

Lodging available for the next couple months by calling the shop @ 406-235-3447. Craiglodging.com is another route if you want to preview our 20+ rental properties before you book. Guides available too for the next few months. Book today for the best options in regards to both guides and lodging.

The shop is open daily @ 7am. Tons of sale stuff on the rack from SIMMS, SAGE, Echo, RIO, Orvis, Howler Bros., Mountain Khaki, HH logo wear and much more.

September is a really nice month that many around here truly love. We’ll see you on the river.

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