Missouri River Fishing Report

Missouri River Fishing Report 10.9.13

It is on.

This is the report to let you know that the dry fly fishing is valid. It’s legit. It’s on.

The big bugs are not here, yet. I did see one yesterday. That means they are near. They are evident subsurface as we have been catching trout on bigger PT’s for a month now.

The water temperature is 54F. We like that water temperature.

Popular flies for the dry fly purist: Cripple Thor, Storm Chaser, Brook’s Sprout, Nymen’s Cripple, CDC Cripple, Sparkle Dun Baetis, Half Dun Hatching, Snowshoe Dun BWO,¬†Cluster Midge, Griffith’s Gnat.

Deep Diving Nymphers: Flashback PT, Two Bit Hooker, Anato-May, Indigo Child, Micro May, Green LB, Death Metal, S & M, Bubbleback BWO, Quig’s Midge Pupa, Cheeseman’s Emerger, Sow Bug, Tailwater Sow, Soft Hackle Scud, Caviar no bead…

Stupor Streamer Selection: Skiddish Smolt, Purple Heart Coffey’s, Black Flahabugger, Skip’s Rainbow Trout, Clouser Purple Darter, Clous-A-Bou, Thingamajig black, …with trailer flies like Kure’s Micro-Zonker, small buggers, leeches.

Technique of the Week: Short Leashing.

Product of the Week: Simms Waders

Tippet of the Week: Rio 4X Flouro

Ninch’s Words of Wisdom: Fish toward the center of the river. Fish where the fish are.

Roholt’s Babbling: Once you go small & black, it’s tough to go back. For streamers…

Scumliner says: Time to get out your two-hander and swing a Scandi line.

Squeeky states: Swinging is for those who like tradition. And for risk takers.

Flows are holding at the 3K mark and will remain for some time. Like til the spring, and maybe beyond.

The weather is great. Calm, overcast, moist, and buggy.


See you here on the river. The lodging options can be looked at here at CraigLodging.com Or, come camp on the banks in one of our many campsites along the river.

Fly Shop open daily @ 7am-8pm. Stop by after dinner at Izaak’s for late night shopping spree’s, new fly lines, flies, warm fly fishing clothing…



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